Ammar 808 (Live- solo) TUN

Saturday 02.03
Salle Communale

A musical world filled with magical creatures, an inevitable ultra low TR-808 bass and fiercely aggressive beats deeply mingled with the authentic sound of “Targ” (an old music style from North-Western Tunisia) in a uturistic visual atmosphere provided by ​Sia Rosenberg​​’s VJ’ing, that’s AMMAR 808, a compact version of AMMAR 808 & the Mahgreb United.

Sofyann Ben Youssef ​​aka AMMAR 808 teams up with ​Cheb Hassen Tej (vocals and Gasba) and the Gasba (flute) master ​Lassaed Bougalmi​​ who also performs on the powerful Zokra.

The same Night!